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Studiegruppen KronotopiaProjektet ”Konst under byggtiden av Västlänken” är ett samarbete mellan kulturförvaltningen och Trafikkontoret i Göteborgs Stad

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Patricia Vane 

Sofie Alnäs <>

1 dec. 2020 15:47 (9 dagen geleden)
aan mij, Sarah
Hej Patricia!
Vi på Göteborg Konst ska ju kommunicera något kring din webbsida där du dokumenterar Skogens process. Ber om ursäkt att det har tagit så lång tid att ta tag i detta, det har kommit massa annat emellan helt enkelt.
Jag undrar om du skulle kunna svara på några frågor kring ditt projekt, som en intervju? Svaren behöver inte vara särskilt långa, det räcker med någon eller några meningar per fråga.

  • Ditt projekt går ut på att dokumentera processen och gruppens rörelser, där du använder webbsidan som en slags scen. Har du jobbat på liknande sätt tidigare?
  • Du beskriver att projektet ”formar”. Kan du utveckla vad du menar med det?
  • Finns det något som du tycker är särskilt intressant eller utmanande med att jobba på det här sättet?
  • Du ska göra en publik presentation av projektet nästa år, kan du berätta något än om vad du ska göra då?

Sarah Hansson

9 dec. 2020 10:10 (1 dag geleden)
aan mij, Sofie

Hej Patricia!
Interesting to read your answers. I’m especially looking forward to your coming presentation and that you in a live process will add layers to the website. Great idea for a presentation of your process and work!

I was wondering if you will do any updates to website soon, preferably in relation to when we post this article about your project. I’m thinking that more “movements”  within the group have taken place over the past months which are not “recorded” on the site yet.

Would also be great if you could share a selection of photo documentation from Klas and Andreas presentation. There must be some amazing pics from that event that we could create an Instagram post around.

All the best,

Patricia Vane <>

2 dec. 2020 11:00 (8 dagen geleden)
aan Sofie, Sarah
Hej Sofie!
Tack för frågor, jag ska svara dem snart så möjligt!
Allt bäst,

Patricia Vane <>

di 8 dec. 14:52 (2 dagen geleden)
aan Sofie, Sarah

Här kommer mina svar! Gjorde det på Engelska. Om ni vill ha det på svenka jag behöver oversätta det. Säg till!


This is my working method I could say in general in all my work, more especially in performance practice. I am interested in the motivations (aka process) why something came to existence: driving forces. Or: the invisible tracks between the (trans)formation of objects.
This means that by looking in what has gone ahead and using this by making it visible (like in documenting) it shapes a new form. In this case I don’t have a preconceived idea how my project should end up, it accumulates, or unfolds from being the present of telling the past.
This is very exciting as it drives itself forth and I don’t have to push it, it’s very sustainable. It uses the energy already available: the group’s movements and the request of making a project and the communication of Göteborg Konst.
It’s the collaboration with the driving force; the challenging part is staying with it in the absolute present moment, maybe a bit like surfing big waves or free solo climbing> if you look up or down continuously you get intimidated to go further or you risk losing your grip because of fear.
I make a presentation of how I am making and how the process have been of making the website; it will be a narrative through the timeline and with that a new layer to the website is added. It will be a live process of how I built the website including the present dimensions (the public, either online or on location, the Kronotopia group, me, website, process, the archive of the works that has been preceded, this question and the imagination of how the presentation would look like)

Patricia Vane

16:02 (8 minuten geleden)
aan Sarah, Sofie
Hej Sarah,
I am updating the website now. I will also add some excerpts of recent mail conversations of the group, as, apart from the public events, we don't meet, so most of the conversations, decision making and movement take place in email threads nowadays.
I will also make a page with past notes from the meetings in year one of the project in which we were grasping the limits and freedom, possibilities of what it means to have been assigned to make art around Västlänken.
Tell me if you have any other suggestions or remarks!
All the best,


Sofie Alnäs <>

18 dec. 2020 12:03 (2 uur geleden)

Hi Patricia!
This is the text that we will publish on our website about your project. Do you think you can look it through and get back to me today if there is anything you feel I misunderstood from your answers?

Also, I was thinking about using a print screen from your website to illustrate the article. Yesterday when I was navigating the website I found a page that had a lot of pictures on it, there were, amongst other things, pictures of people talking on skype or something like that. Today I can’t find the page… Do you know which one I mean?

Some of the links on the website seem to be wrong, when you click on “Mänskligheten…” in the menu to the right you end up in “Arkeologiska…”

Patricia Vane <>

18 dec. 2020 14:23 (31 minuten geleden)

Hej Sofie!
Yes perfect, I like how you translated my words and what you used: it also gives an insight how you are seeing my words and the work. Thank you for that!
https://tunneln.skogen.pm/MANSKLIGHETEN-FOLJER-EN-TID-ARKITEKTUREN-EN-ANNAN It's this page that you were looking for and I check the link to be directed to the right page so must be functioning again.
It could be that some things disappear and pop up somewhere else: now it gave me the idea: I think I will also create a papperskorg/container page soon where the remnants will be archived.   
Have a good weekend!