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Studiegruppen KronotopiaProjektet ”Konst under byggtiden av Västlänken” är ett samarbete mellan kulturförvaltningen och Trafikkontoret i Göteborgs Stad

SkogenMasthuggsterrassen 3, SE-413 18 Göteborg, Sverige



Andreas Engman
Johan Forsman
Barrie Sutcliffe
Benj Gerdes
Klas Trollius
Annika Lundgren
Rita Nettelstad
Patricia Vane 


29 apr. 2019 16:04
I guess we just have to work shifts on this one, considering we all have other commitments.

It looks like so far we can all be there at some point on the 14:th, so let’s start with that. If we can come to some kind of agreement that day, those who can make it can keep working on the draft on the 16:th.

29 apr. 2019 16:32

One thing to consider in advance—Are there specific resources we could use this project to fund that could exist after? I would be happy to figure out ways to justify this as a strategy. Do we need a truck or something??

ma 29 apr. 2019 10:36
Hi all.

It turns out it will not be enough with an open draft, but we need to come in with a quite specific concept. We now have a respite until May 20, but we need to work fast. We suggest that we use two days to work together on this and that each of us come up with a concrete concept that we can debate together.

Our proposal for meeting times is Tuesday May 14 and Thursday May 16. I know at least Andreas and Klas have daytime jobs, so can you let us know if and how early you can make it?

And for everyone - if we can send out our ideas to everyone in this group before May 13:th, we will have time to mull things over before we meet.

ma 29 apr. 2019 10:53

I obviously couldn’t come this morning, sorry for not replying. I can come daytime on the 14th and potentially the 16th, but was told to keep that date open for another obligation so not positive about day 2.

29 apr. 2019 12:25
Hi, im afraid i cant say this early how soon i can finish work on tuesday 13th, it depends on the workload on that day. The earliest time i could be at skogen would probably be around 16:45-17.

The 16:th i will be away the whole day on a funeral. So im afraid that day won't work for me.

ma 29 apr. 2019 13:16
Hi again.

We tried, this morning, to summarise the thoughts and ideas that have come up during the meetings so far.
The list (below) is probably far from complete, but may serve as inspiration and background when drafting our project ideas.
Also, keep in mind the contents –and contradictions– of the contract (attached at the bottom) and try to think about both form and content in your proposals.


for Barrie, Johan, Patricia and Annika


maps and sound walks
the commercial and the alternative
fiction & sci-fi
historical and future actors in Gothenburg
tunnels and holes - the underground, to keep digging
Sara van Hee’s text about the institution in the ground
e-shopping replacing physical stores and changing the city spaces
a TV-series with projections into the future
Superflex’ claiming of a motorway as an artwork
the A100 Landscapes of Desire-project—a one day restaging of the processes surrounding the construction of a motorway, including all the layers of knowledge
the study group as an umbrella and archive for different individual projects
hijacking the processes of Västlänken
focusing on artist work: performative actions, films, poetic writing
a sustainable project that benefits Skogens longterm work
vacating the here and now for a then and there
Annika’s Archive for Resistance Strategies (as form and content)
Examples of Strategies:  Act as if your ideal society was already in effect / Construct plausible models for life and society after neo-liberalism / Use oral storytelling as mode of communication / Transfer the Right of Public Access to the urban environment / Utilize mobile zebra-stripes
a relay-model: the study group is ran by one person at the time
Västlänken as a generative process and a populistic revolt, corresponding with Trump and Brexit
doing nothing special for Västlänken and instead channel the money into Skogens regular work - a way to ensure sustainability and to make a political statement
Sharon Hayes re-stagings and re-statings in the early part of her practice: especially the work In The Near Future

Johan also points out that Göteborg Konst has made a little film about Kronotopia: https://vimeo.com/291702298

zo 28 apr. 2019 21:17
Hi all.

Tomorrow morning at 10:00, Johan, Barrie, Patricia and me are meeting to put together a pro-forma project description for our contribution to Kronotopia. This to be able to meet the deadline. As discussed at the Kronotopia-meeting on the 23:rd, it is too early to settle for any formulated idea or solution at this point, so we will make it as open and generic as we can in order to accommodate whatever we will finally come up with.

I know this is late notice –it slipped my mind completely last week– but if any of you, Klas, Andreas, Benj or Rita has any input for this formal draft or want to join us you are most welcome. If not, let’s get down to the real project development soon. I will get back with a suggestion for dates after our meeting tomorrow.

All best and again, apologies for last minute notice

wo 27 mrt. 2019 09:54

Yesterday i signed to intention letter from Trafikverket for Kronotopia. We have now to agree on a project plan and a budget before june and then I will sign the final agreement. So we have about two months - or a bit less since it also needs to be processed at Trafikverket - to make up our minds.
At our previous Kronotopia meeting it was me, Annika, Patricia, Andreas and Klas who joined. Benj also wrote he wanted to be part of this. Is there anyone else who wants to join this project? If we now plan meetings, start up mail threads and open shared documents, it would be great to know who wants to be included.

27 mrt. 2019 10:31
Confirming my interest, but this means others may be subjected to my crazy ideas for Västlänken “rebranding" stunts as part of the project, complete with fuzzy mascot costumes, etc. Johan and I were discussing filming the sites and progress, but I’m also interested in how the state presents its own infrastructural projects. I would be interested in using really crass commercial tools (mascots, plush toys, signboards) to re-advertise the tunnel. The serious intent is how infrastructural projects are and aren’t visualized

ma 15 apr. 2019 21:28
Hi guys!
Let us know who can make it for the Kronotopia-meeting on April 23!!
(See my last mail below)
As you know, Johan signed the Kronotopia-contract in March, and we now must get to work on a project plan as we need to have something ready in the beginning of May. The relevant parts of the contract are attached below.
During the previous meeting we started to juggle some ideas, and it felt like the discussion was charged by good energy, so let’s get back to that and continue.
We suggest the next meeting on April 23 at 17:00 at Skogen

Until then, and building on the thoughts from the last meeting, it may be good if we all tried to gather our thoughts and formulate some concrete proposals.
It would probably also be helpful if those were sent out to the whole group before the meeting so we can have some time considering them beforehand.
After June 1:st, we will be able to invoice some 60 000 for our continued work.

Hope to see you on the 23:rd! Let me know if you can make it.


Skogen ska för Göteborg Konst och Trafikkontorets räkning, inom ramen för projektet Konst under byggtiden av Västlänken, bilda en studiegrupp att undersöka olika infallsvinklar av infrastruktur- och stadsutvecklingsprojektet Västlänken. Studiegruppen kommer vara tvärdisciplinär och sättas samman av Skogen skolas kollegium. Undersökandet ska ta sin utgångspunkt i det samverkansgemensamma konstprogrammet för Västlänken, Kronotopia.

Syftet med studiegruppen är att den genom sin bredd av kompetenser och erfarenheter möjligen kan öppna upp för nya perspektiv och en fördjupad kunskap om stadsutveckling kopplat till frågor som exempelvis berör sociala, ekonomiska, ekologiska aspekter. Studiegruppens ackumulerade material och kunskap skall i någon form offentlig presenteras/redovisas genom publika presentationer, events, tryckt publikation, workshops, konstinstallation, eller liknande.  

Projektet i sin helhet ska tillföra konstnärliga värden till stadsrummet kring Västlänkens stationsbyggen vid Haga och Centralen.

Projektet i sin helhet löper som längst över tre år, från ca mars 2019 – dec 2021.



Projekt för beskrivning kommer att pågå från mars 2019 – senast december 2021. Exakta tider för projektets olika delar kommer fastställas i samråd med inblandade parter.  

Leverantören ska i ett första steg ta fram ett projektförslag. Projektförslaget ska innehålla en beskrivning av det tänka projektet, hur det ska genomföras och möta en publik, samt tidplan och budget.

Om Parterna av någon anledning efter förhandling och ev. revidering, inte kan enas kring och godkänna det framlagda projektförslaget, avbryts samarbetet och kontraktet upphävs.  

ma 29 apr. 2019 15:22
Thank you for the summary - that will be very helpful!

Hi, I am out of town that day but can call or Skype in if that’s possible”

Hello, i have a press show at borås art museum morning 24th.. so won't make it 23d. Can't participate in planing until after the opening 4/5. And most welcome!!